UPDATE: Tumblr is shit and now so is Blogger

The new Blogger is so fucked up. Images don't post properly, each one has to be manually adjusted, can no longer drag and drop and easily as before. Now Google won't let us switch back to Classic layout. This is all fucked up. I give up. Update: Inserting images is so fucked up especially from my old Tumblr posts. But I'll give it a bit more time. Stay tuned for my next post, hope it goes well.

Mailbox: gay vs str8

Anonymous  asked: There's a lot of posts about young vs old, bigger vs smaller... But you know a combination I think would be hot? Gay vs straight... What do you think? Cool question the idea of a str8 dude going into a match, the goal to fuckin win and show that his str8 alpha pride rules the ring.....while the gay guy is in the match to prove that gays rule the ring and maybe even try to turn on the str8 dude in the process.........

The anatomy of a match Part 7 of 7: The laid out loser

In the final series, we pay tribute to all the laid out opponents, their beaten bodies on display for us, legs spread out, arms spread out, their chests being shown off as they are sprawled on the canvas, their pits breathing, their eyes closing, their bulge bulging up to the sky...... they are done, finished, knocked out. We thank them for all the JO opportunities they give us, their inability to fight or win, how fuckin hot they look heaving for air, sleeping in the middle of the ring, under the towering stare of the winner.....the cheers for the winner from the audience and their boos for laid out loser.......

The anatomy of a match Part 6 of 7: The victory

Showboating after the victory……….. We all fuckin do it!! We’re in the lead on a match, our foe down and almost completely out of it, so you show your sign of dominance by flexing your arm……

The anatomy of a match Part 5 of 7: The lockup

You know the feeling.....after the face off you lock up, your hands on each other, or your fists in each other's fist, you smell his scent, his sweat, you see the determination to win in his eyes.......

The anatomy of a match Part 4 of 7: The faceoff

I fuckin love the faceoff…….standing toe to toe, bulge to bulge, chest to chest, you're in each others face……..when you eye down your opponent, intimidate him, get ready to tear him down to shreds, to take his dignity and pride……

The anatomy of a match Part 3 of 7: The ring entrance

The ring entrance.......all eyes on you......your chance to strut, interact with your audience, high 5 your fans, give your opponent the middle finger as you make your way to the ring, showing off your gym bod, your gear, your sexy smile......

The anatomy of a match Part 2 of 7: The weigh-in

The fuckin weigh in.....where you face off with your opponent before the scheduled match to get your official weights. Standing there in front of each other, usually only wrestling underwear, a little piece of fabric separating your bulge from his, you grin at each other, make HIM feel intimidated but also making sure YOU don't appear intimidated. Face to face, pec to pec, bulge to bulge, toe to toe.......your manager watching, the audience watching, the press fuckin hot!!

The anatomy of a match Part 1 of 7: The intimidating challenge

It all starts with you issuing the challenge.......and then intimidating your opponent about it. Sending him selfies of you, or you and your tag team partner, at home flexing, at the gym, in the ring, outside, anything to issue the challenge and intimidate him into knowing......YOU will win.....HE will lose!!

Cocky ring entrance and you still lose....and frat vs frat... and bromance SUPERSIZED POST

Hot dude with nice build to the ring………the kid obviously knows what the inside of a gym looks like……